Sunday, July 19, 2009

BQQ and Fireworks

I am so far behind!!!... Brandon and I have just been enjoying the summer.... every weekend we are on the go nonstop, but we are loving it!!! This Friday we celebrated my older sister Christina's 30th birthday...YAY and had dinner at my parents house. :) She was not to thrilled to turn 30... but the ChEeSeCaKe we had for dessert cheered her right up!!!! Also while I am on the subject of my gorgeous sister.... I have not blogged this yet.... but she is PREGNANT... due on Halloween and just found out she is having a BOY!!!! That makes nephew #5 and we couldn't be more excited. She is such and amazing mom!!!
I love getting together with my family... they are the best... consists of the best food, lots of girl talk and the men napping and snoring on the couch.... good times :)
( Christina and I... old old picture)

Friday night... after dinner.... Brandon and I met up with all our friends at the Clinton Days Carnival. Unfortunately, we showed up pretty late so we didn't get to ride the rides or anything... It was still a good time!!! Brandon played some games and won me a stuffed animal LOL ... he is so cute :)

After we were done at the carnival we all were not ready to end the night.... soO went over to our friend Shaun's house for night swimming and hot tubbin!!! And let me tell ya.... I have added something to my WANT list. Shaun has this MAsSiVe HoT tUb..... that does EVERYTHING but talk to you!!! Its got the nicest sound system and light show and HUGE jets.... I was blown away at all the things that thing could do!!! We all sat around relaxing and swimming..... and of course my husband entertaining everyone doing tricks off the diving board!!!! Great night!!! :)
Saturday... Its tradition.... we all got together at our friend Brad's house to BBQ and watch Clinton fireworks..... Clinton park is basically right across the street from his house so we had front row seats for the fireworks!!! It was so fun.... lots and lots of food!!! I made the dessert... my friend Michelle gave me this amazing receipe for ChOcOLaTe CheEse CaKe and it was a big hit!!!!

The girls hanging out watching the boys play games!!

We filled the culdasac with cars

Brandon and I watching fireworks..... it was hot!!! hahaha

Some of our friends watchin the show.... We never get sick of watching firework shows all summer :)

The weekend was not over yet!!!.... We woke up way early and headed up to the DaM for the day with all our friends!!! Our friend Justin has a few wave runners we took out.... It was so nice and hot!!! Perfect day for fun and sun. I completely forgot my camera :/ It was hilarious ... we found this great spot on the beach for all us girls to lay out........ and out of NOWHERE..... this wave, like I have never seen before, came and flew up the beach and over our heads.... we were SoaKed.... but we got a good laugh!!!

Awesome weekend I am so sad it had to end.... but lots more to look forward to next weekend and I am pretty happy Brandon and I both have a short work week this week!!! Ill try to keep up on the blog :) Hope everyone is enjoying the summer as much as we are!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

MeMoRiaL WeEkEnd

We had an awesome weekend.... Unfortunately we were not able to go to the DuNeS this year but I really really wanted to go camping!!! Luckily our good friend Mikey has property in Manti and Invited all our friends to go spend the night out there!!! Its a 2 and half hour drive but it was so fun.... About 15 of are closest friends went.. we had a blast :) We got rained on Saturday night but we made the best of it and still had a camp fire. The property where we stayed has a ToN of fourwheeling trails and places to fish and hike!!! We did alot of riding our four wheeler but unfortunately didn't get to fish.... We went Hiking on this huge, steep hill to find this hot pot Mikey was tellin us about... it was HiLaRiOuS!!! All of us sliding down the mountain in the mud and the hike back up was a good time.... we were all pretty winded!!!!

Jamie and ME

This picture cracks me up.... Jamie and I were trying to take a picture and right when I pushed the button... a HuGe bUg landed on my hand so we were screaming and throwing the camera!!!

It took all these Men and two hours to figure out how to assemble this canopy!!!

We spent the day riding and playing... the weather was great!!! We packed it up in the afternoon and made it home around 5... And we all decided to meet at Red RoBiN that night for dinner!!! My FaVoRiTe!!! They have thee best fries. Its always a great time when we all get together... great conversation and a ton of LaUgHs!!!!


Some of the guys

SOo.... Last Minute on Monday.... My sister calls to tell me she has TWO extra tickets to the NO DOUBT concert that night!!!! I was so excited... It was perfect. My best friend Jamie's birthday is this week and I know that she really really wanted to go so we went..... I didn't ask my sister about where our seats were.... NOTHING!!! SoO come to find out they are in the GA (General Admission) section on the E Center.... which is also known as the MOSH PIT section which Jamie and I have never been in at a concert!!! We went early and got really close to the stage.... despite my extreme claustrophobia and the huge rocker guys shoving us frequently it was a good time!!!

My sister at the concert

No Doubt also came with Paramore.... Who I love!!!! And they were Awesome :)

Gwen is such a good performer.... The music took me back to my younger days :) One of my favorite parts of the concert is when she brought her little boy KinGsToN on stage and had the audience sing HaPpY BiRtHdaY to him.... He was so adorable!!! The whole time we sang he was waving at everyone!!! Precious!!!! :)

I just want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my friend JAMIE!!!! She is turning 23 this thursday... YAY!!! Love you to pieces girl :):)

Attack of the Messy Birds...

Our birds are back..... I went to let my dogs out the other day and there was this loud sound coming from the patio!!! I opened the door and FREAKED.... there is hundreds of birds making MUD nest on the side of my house and my neighbors.... On my unit alone, there are 8 giant nests that have been made and just a few on each of our neighbors... They seem to like us best!!!! I am not at all sure what to do... we can call our Home Owners Association but what if there is bird eggs up there!! I feel so guilty.... HELP ???? Brandon has been beggin to spray them down himself but I wont allow it!!!

This is the MeSs they are making on my patio.... MuD and PoOp every where!!!! Any suggestions???? These pictures were hard for me to get.... I swear when I go out there.... they freak and start flying all over the place and SwoOpin down at me hahahaha...... k maybe not swoopin down at me but there is so many I am scared they will attack me!!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

BuSy WeEkeNd

It was such an eventful weekend.... we were soOo busy!!! Friday night all of our friends got together for a movie night (Brandon's favorite). I was out numbered on this one.... and all Brandon's guy friends picked the movie FiGhTinG..... so I went along!!! Luckily I had my Sis In-Law Pyper cause it was definitely a guys night out. I thought the movie was good.... I was having a hard time staying interested because the movie is really really slow but the ending was AwEsOme!!! Afterwards, we all went over to our friend Jamie and Justin's house to hang out. Fun night out..... Thanks so much Jamie for having us over!!!!!

Saturday.... We went on a double date with Brad and Candice.... To my favorite place OLIVE GARDEN!!! I know , I know... I went there the other day but I honestly don't think I would ever get sick of it :) Dinner was sOo YuMmy!!! Brandon and I were on our way home and decided we were not ready to turn in for the night!!! I asked Brandon what he wanted to do..... and I don't know why I even asked..... HE WANTS TO GO TO A MOVIE!!!! hahaha sOoOo.... we went!!! This time I picked the new movie out.... ObSeSseD!!!! I LOVED IT.... really good movie. Beyonce is an awesome actress and a tuff girl.... I could not believe the crazy girl in the movie!!! cReEpY!!! But we liked it!! But I am all movied out now hahahaha

We celebrated our good friend Brad's 25th birthday..... and we all went to ToAds!!! We had a blast..... felt like a kid LOL :) We first ate some extremely greasy food.... but let me tell ya, those fries were aMaZing!!! We then went and rode the go carts!!! I was in 2nd place the first 3 laps until my extremely competitive husband came out of nowhere and knocked me off track!!!.... Cheater :) I forgave him... I was not super surprised.
After Go-Karts the boys insisted on playing in the arcade and compete on the punching bag.....

And the winner was...... BRANDON!!!! YAY.... don't really know if I should be proud but it was cute.:) He was pretty proud of himself!!!

Birthday boy and Candice

Jamie and I really enjoyed this roller coaster simulator!!! It was hilarious :)

After the arcade we went a played some LaSeR TaG..... which we have not done FOREVER..... and it was a blast!!! We played it BoYs Vs. GiRLs!!!! and the girls ... of coarse DoMiNaTed hahahaha I came in 2nd out of the girls and Brandon was in 2nd out of the guys. That is alot of activity for one day... we were exhausted after!!! I think its safe to say we are getting old ....
Extremely busy weekend.... but we had sOo much fun!!!
Happy Birthday Bradley... Hope you had a great day :)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

SpOiLeD !!!

SoO this week... @ work.... we celebrated SeCreTaRy's daY :) But in my office its a little different... its staff day!!! Noone is left out. We scheduled a two hour lunch break so that we could go out to lunch and everyone decided that we have not been to OLiVe GaRdeN in a while so that's where we went!!!! I just have to recommend what I ordered.... its a new dish called....

Lasagna Rollitini with Chicken
Looks so YuMmY RiGhT :) Well Lunch was awesome.... and my boss also gave me a gift. He gave me a gift card to get my car SuPeR DeTaiLed !!! Which it really need LOL sOo nice... My boss is awesome, I am seriously so spoiled and so thankful to have my job!!!!
Thank SoO much Dr. Mark for all you do for me!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Saturday, a bunch of our friends got together and had a BBQ!!! We went to our friend Bobby's house in Hooper and he has a HuGe backyard (couple of acres) the boys were ridin 4 wheelers around. Later, we came inside and played pool and cards.... we had a blast!!!

Brandon and I are so lucky to have sOo many GreAt friends in our lives.... that are always there for us and would do anything for us!!! :) And friends that keep me laughing all night long... never a dull moment.

Here are a few pictures I took....

Brandon kickin butt at pool

Our good friend KR

He cracks me up :)

Jamie and Me

Hope everyone had a great weekend and enjoyed the GrEaT weather!!!!!


This weekend... My Brandon and I doubled with our friends Jamie and Justin !!! We talked the boys into going to 17 again. It was such a cute movie... I loved it :) Although, I was suprised at how many girls go crazy for Zac Efron..... through the whole movie anytime he would do anything the girls in the theater were fLiPpiN OuT!!! He is actually a really really good actor :) As much as Brandon will deny it..... he told me in secret he enjoyed the movie :):) GO SEE !!!!